Our Journey

Off we go on a new journey.  Can we really do this? Step away from the grocery store and try to get closer to the farm?

I want to know where our food comes from. I want to meet the farmers, the bakers, the makers.

Feeding the Birds  Real Food in a Real World

Feeding the birds, learning where our eggs come from. (Real Food in a Real World)

I know it won’t be perfect. We are a Midwest suburban family, subject to a harsh winter with little local food able to be grown year round. We are an average family, figuring it out as we go along and budgeting every cent we have. Trying to invest in our health and our future.

 Inspecting the chickens Real Food in a Real World

Inspecting the chickens. (Real Food in a Real World)

The photos won’t be beautiful, I’m shooting with an iPhone.  But I promise, the dishes will be tasty.  Some I will invent (if there are any original ideas in this post-Pinterest era) and many will be adaptations of recipes I have found around the internet and in my recipe box.

Come join us as we take off on our journey to better food, better health, and a whole lot of yum.


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