Food Haul 3.21.13

Food Haul 3.21.13

Huge food haul this week!  My husband had a birthday and we are restocking our shelves.  I will just give a summary so it’s not hideously boring.  We hit up Natural Local Food Express in Dearborn Heights, Target, and our weekly Door to Door Organics order.

First up is Natural Local Food Express (the Dearborn Heights location)


Highlight of this trip was the chicken pasties.  Such a quick and delicious dinner!  I am going to talk to Garry or Su and find out more about the pasties, they were great.

Next up is the accidental Target trip.  Accidental, because I had to get some toddler supplies but my husband was with me.  He made some interesting choices, but I’m keeping it real and here are what “food products” landed in my cart.


Told you, I’m keeping it real. Not proud, but we usually do pretty good.

Last up is Door to Door Organics.

IMG_8022-001 IMG_8026-001

Huge order this week.  The Smoking Goose (Indiana) Applewood smoked bacon is a favorite here.  I love Avalon (Detroit) 313 bread and I got the birthday boy a brownie from Zingermans (Ann Arbor).  From Calder Dairy (Carleton) we got milk and sour cream.  Strawberry yogurt from Thomas Organic Creamery (Henderson) and La Michoacana (Detroit) tortillas.

For anybody interested in food costs, we spent $32 at Natural Local Food Express and $92 at Door to Door Organics

Want to learn more about Door to Door Organics?


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