Food Haul 4.4.13


The pantry, she is full.  We went to Costco this week, and I think I am safely stocked up on baking supplies and some things I will need for summer canning season. And the apocalypse

Let’s just jump right in to the Costco trip


I have been reading a lot about Chia seeds lately and I have requests to make some recipes.  I picked some up and I will start to experiment.  Twenty pounds of unbleached flour, ten pounds of organic sugar and five pounds of brown sugar should keep us in baked goods for a long time.


Red pepper hummus is pracitcally a food group in this house.  We got hotdogs for the freezer for grilling season.  The organic tortilla chips are awesome!  The potato chips are for hubby, for his work lunches. The turkey is a new experiment I will be reviewing.


Tiny trip to Pure Pastures this week.  Chicken Pasties and some Black Cherry ice cream from Calder Dairy for hubby.  He says it is amazing.

Of course, we have the Door to Door Organics boxes!

Food Haul 4.4.13

Grape tomatoes will make my kiddo happy, and blackberries make me happy!  I’m going to try out kale chips this week, I’m looking forward to another way to force kale into my body.  I think kale tastes like grass, so the more tasty ways the better!

Food Haul 4.4.13

Pretty usual suspects here, Calder Dairy milk and sour cream, Tofutti sour cream, La Michoacana tortillas, Avalon 313 bread, and some cream cheese and Michigan MOO co-jack cheese.

Want to learn more about Pure Pastures?

Want to learn more about Door to Door Organics?


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