Food Haul 4.11.13

Food Haul 4.11.13

Finally a “cheap” week!  My fridge and pantry are stuffed and we are eating all kinds of tasty things.  The only food we bought this week was from Door to Door Organics, and even that was a smaller order than usual for us.  Total food costs this week was $62.

Food Haul 4.11.13

There are two of the biggest bunches of kale I have ever seen stuffed in that picture.  My goal is to finally perfect making kale chips.  I keep under or over cooking them!  I can’t believe I keep buying kale on purpose.  Anybody else think it tastes like grass?  I’m working on a bunch of non-grassy recipes, share your favorite!

I also had to replenish my oats supply because I used them all up trying to make a nut free version of my granola bars.  If my next experiment goes well, those will be up on the blog next week!  I have been toiling away at that recipe forever.  I’m trying a chocolate bar called Chocolove.  It is dark chocolate, almond and sea salt.  Not too much else new and interesting there, the usual Calder milk for local toddler (and his grape tomatoes! addict…)  Also some potatoes because this cool spring weather has me craving some potatoes.  Oh white potatoes, why can’t you be as nutritious as sweet potatoes?

What did you buy this week?

Want to learn more about Door to Door Organics?


2 thoughts on “Food Haul 4.11.13

  1. Just a tip for your readers who have Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance. On their website, they offer a coupon code for 50% off the smallest box from Door To Door Organics.

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