Recipe Roundup – Paleo Pancakes/Quick Pancakes

Hello there real foodies.  Today I’m bring you two similar recipes that are not mine.  There are many people practicing a Paleo or Primal eating plan, and many people who avoid gluten.  Then, there are some of us (me) that are just a little lazy and headlines like “two ingredient pancake” make us jump for joy.  Two lovely ladies; Jennifer from Wine to Weightlifting and Sarah from Less Sugar, More Spice, recently posted recipes for a simple pancake.


chick photo for recipe!

Jennifer admits that in the strictest sense, these are not Paleo because pancakes are a “bad” food, but all the ingredients (all two of them) are indeed Paleo.  She also assures you these are easy because she is “lazy.”  Because those crazy Crossfit people are definitely “lazy” in my book 😉


Click photo for recipe!

Sarah describes her pancakes as kitchen magic.  She adds a third ingredient for some extra protein and makes healthy pancakes.  Now, I think pancakes deserve their own food group, so add healthy to the label and I’m sold.  I will be over for breakfast tomorrow Sarah!

These also make excellent toddler chow.  Ever met a kid that didn’t like pancakes?  I made a batch with a spoonful of peanut butter (he’s 2 and ok with peanut butter, follow your discretion about young children and nut products) and local toddler ate all three pancakes.

Substitutions:  I know I have some readers that don’t do bananas.  In my head, this recipe will work perfectly with a sweet potato instead of the banana.  I didn’t have any sweet potatoes around (gasp!) to try it out.  I tried it many, many ways with canned pumpkin and it didn’t work.  At all…  My dog, however, got her fill of pumpkin blobs.  For the vegans, I’m not well versed enough on egg substitution to try this one.  If you do, please let me know in the comments!


12 thoughts on “Recipe Roundup – Paleo Pancakes/Quick Pancakes

  1. Thank you for sharing my recipe, Kelly! I’m so glad you liked it. I’m planning on experimenting with these to find a local ingredient to replace the bananas… I’ll post if I find something that works!

    • Thank you for posting! The peanut butter really gave it a little extra punch of protein. Bananas and oranges keep me away from being a Michigan localvore! Well, a few other things too, but those are my “I can’t live without them!” I look forward to your findings!

  2. Everytime I make these (since clearly my banana consumption has been ridiculous for the past 3-4 weeks..), I think hmm, I should try sweet potato instead. But nope, haven’t yet.. even though I almost ALWAYS have baked sweet potatoes in the fridge ready to go. I’m going to try this Friday!

    • I expect a full report on my desk by Monday! In my head they are amazing, especially with some cinnamon. Can you believe I forgot to order sweet potatoes again this week? I’m going to have to break down and go to the grocery store I think. Two weeks without sweet potatoes is no life for me!

      • I usually load up at Randazzos.. usually they’re 59 cents a pound.. I don’t know if that’s one of the recommended foods to buy organic.. and probably wouldn’t cost a whole lot more if I’m only eating 3 a week.. I’m just so cheap lol.
        It sounds good, too, but then again I thought pumpkin would work out (but keep forgetting to buy pumpkin)..

  3. Hi Kelly,
    These look delicious! But when I figured out
    the nutritional content, it came to about 500 calories and about 30 grams of fat per serving due to the peanut butter (before frying). McDonald’s claims that their plain hamburger has 9 grams of fat (for comparison). So, this would definitely count as an indulgence. 🙂

  4. We eat a LOT of pancakes in my house. I’m going to try these and they sound perfect for my son who is underweight at 500 calories!

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