Food Haul 4.18.13

Food Haul 4.18.13

Confession: We went to the supermarket.  Kroger to be exact.

We wanted some junk food so we went and picked some up.  I forgot to take a picture, but we spent about $20.

Food Haul 4.18.13

I got a few bags of these for bribing local toddler.  I don’t know what or when I need to bribe him for, but I like to be prepared.  We also bought several bags of chips,(I’m looking at you cool ranch Doritos…) some hot dog buns, crackers and salami.  I feel ok about our “cheat.”  I think we have been doing awesome about eating healthy and local.  Sometimes you just need some junk food.  Keeping it real!

Now that I have confessed, on to the good stuff!  Door to Door Organics!

Food Haul 4.18.13 realfoodinarealworld.comFood Haul 4.18.13

A few freebies from Door to Door Organics.  Local toddler gets ridiculously excited when we go to the warehouse to pick up our order.  He yells “oranges” when he sees the door.  He manages to sweet talk himself into some freebies 😉  (Sort of, the major perk of the warehouse co-op is there is a basket of extras for everybody to pick from.)  That pineapple was a terrible passenger, rolling all over the place.  Problem solved!

Food Haul 4.18.13

Asparagus and strawberries!  I’m so ridiculously excited!

If the mushrooms don’t get eaten before Monday they will be Mushroom Stroganoff.  The peas will probably be in a stir fry, everything else is pretty usual.

Food Haul 4.18.13

Sorry for the blurry photo, did I mention my only camera is an iPhone?  Smoking Goose applewood bacon was on sale, yes please!  Calder dairy milk for local toddler (I just love the glass bottles, it feels awesome to not have any waste!  I wash and save the bottle caps for local toddler to play with.)  Some shredded mozzarella for the cheese eaters in my house for pizza night.  As Melissa said on my Facebook page, a cheese pizza is a great Meatless Monday!

Now for my exciting purchases!  A Chocolove Cherries and Almonds Dark Chocolate bar.  I snuck a piece, it is as amazing as it sounds.  I am super excited to try this Naturally Nutty chocolate cherry peanut butter.  It was a bit pricey($7.99), but I can’t wait to try it!  It’s a Made in Michigan product!

Door to Door Organics was just under $70 this week, and about $20 at Kroger, so food costs were about $90 this week.

Is there an interest in full blown product reviews?  You can count on my real opinion, I buy all this stuff myself with my own money, these companies have no idea who I am.


9 thoughts on “Food Haul 4.18.13

  1. I would definitely like to hear about the chocolate cherry peanut butter. Did you put it on something or did it go straight from the spoon to mouth?

  2. Doesn’t hurt to give a company a heads up that you want to do a review of their product.. you may be surprised if someone offers up something for free! 😉

    I have one small issue with this organic produce thing.. it goes bad too quickly! 😦 I got my box Friday and pretty much everything (other than my baby carrots and an apple) are already just about too ripe.

    Any suggestions? My chemically treated veggies seem to last a lot longer..

    • Thanks for the tip! What types of veggies are going south too fast? For me, organic potatoes have a short shelf life. I know that conventional potatoes are sprayed or something and seem to last forever. Everything else does pretty ok for me as long as I store them correctly. Maybe we can put our heads together and find a solution.

      • Yea zucchini can be iffy for me. I don’t know the “right” storage for peppers, by I usually put them in the fridge after a few days. But I think you are right, organic probably doesn’t have as long a shelf life a conventional. I try to do my meal planning that way. Key word try…

  3. You should definitely try the Thomas Organic milk from DTD. It’s so much better (quality, taste and healthier) than the Calder’s. It’s grass fed and non homogenized. 🙂 Their yogurt is good, too.

      • Yeah, their products are the best and as close to raw as you can get if you don’t have access to that. I used to think I was lactose intolerant until I discovered Thomas. I use their plain yogurt in smoothies everyday.. in fact, I’m drinking one right now. 🙂 I discovered them on Door to Door, but now I usually buy at Zerbo’s or Hillers depending on where I am. Natural Local Foods Express (Pure Pastures) also carries Thomas, too.

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