I’m sick, or something

I'm sick, or something

Something is up. I’m either sick for the 987th time this winter, or I really am allergic to everything under the sun. I’m waving my white flag and giving you all my excuses why there is no post today. My goals include keeping my kid alive and surviving both my classes today.

What’s your favorite get well remedy? I need some new ones!


3 thoughts on “I’m sick, or something

  1. I think it’s this weather. I’ve gotten sick on and off, too and it’s weird. Here are my sick suggestions. 🙂

    Tea from Traditional Medicinals with organic local honey and lemon! These 2 are usually my go to tea’s. Echinacea Plus http://www.traditionalmedicinals.com/product/echinacea-plus-reg and Throat Coat (if my throat is sore) http://www.traditionalmedicinals.com/product/throat-coat-reg They have other teas that might fit your needs. You could get the seasonal sampler to try some different ones. I also take RAW Vitamin C and B12 from Garden of Life. And of course colloidal silver. Been a life saver so many times. I’m careful of who I buy it from, of course, like like most other things I buy. This is the brand I buy http://getinfoquick.com/silverinfo

    Get better soon. 🙂

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