Green Juice


Today I’m bringing you a simple green juice recipe.  Except it really isn’t green, this one is purpleish.  In my world, I can call it a green juice if I put greens in it.  Juicing is one of the ways I use up odds and ends of veggies and fruit in the house.  Whatever I have too much of, goes into the juicer.  Great way to sneak in some things that I might not eat otherwise (I’m looking at you, beets).

So here is my “recipe” (Really just use whatever I have handy, but this is a guide)


  • 3 leaves kale
  • one small beet with greens
  • half of a red bell pepper
  • one orange
  • one lemon
  • three pears (pears make it kind of thick, I usually use one or two apples but I needed to use these pears)
  • two stalks celery
  • 1/2 lb carrots (I had rainbow carrots, hence the purple juice)

Juice them up and you get this delightful looking mixture


But it mixes up nicely and then your local toddler will beg for some


And he won’t even make eye contact while he slurps it down.


I’m currently using a cheap juicer I purchased from Aldi and re-running the pulp.  It’s fine for occasional juicing but I plan on upgrading when I have the money.  Some great options are this Breville juicer or this Omega one.  

Any Amazon links I post are probably Affiliate links, which means if you purchase that item via that link, Amazon will give me a few cents.  All product choices are made by me.)

Click here to learn more about juicing


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