Insta-Rewind 7.9.13

I thought this might be fun, to post some of the pictures from my phone and Instagram over the past week or two.  Let me know if you love or hate it, I aim to serve!


Random snack for local toddler.  I cut up a banana, and put some almond butter and crispy rice cereal on it.  He told me it was “pretty snack”.


I have a terrible night time sweet tooth!  I can’t have Nutella because I have a dairy allergy, but this Justin’s Nut Butter is awesome on an apple!


Local toddler is so spoiled by the warehouse staff at Door to Door Organics.  They always make sure he gets an orange (or two!).  Seriously, their customer service and quality is unmatched.  Love them.


Local toddler and I went to Greenfield Village.  This wasn’t the outfit I picked out, but I do my best to not stifle his creativity or say “no” ALL day long.  Plus, how often do you get ride horses with Superman?


Doesn’t get too much fresher than one hour farm to table!  Local toddler started this plant from seed and got to pick some green beans and have them for lunch.


Life has been crazy lately so I have been trying to make simple and quick meals.  This was just some bacon, a little potato and a head of cabbage all browned up in a pan.  Super easy and tasty!


Local toddler and I made some bird feeders using a toilet paper roll, shortening and some bird seed.  Bonus toilet paper roll binoculars from playgroup made for excellent bird watching!


Post-yoga noms at moms!  My parents invited us over for dinner and we had two types of chicken (jerk and sesame ginger) roasted broccoli with sesame oil and some brown rice.


My favorite breakfast!  Scrambled Pure Pastures eggs, a smashed avocado and some Garden Fresh artichoke and garlic salsa.


Took local toddler to Handi-dip in Livonia for his first ice cream cone.  Momma enjoyed some dairy free strawberry Dole whip mixed with Oreo cookies!


I was out “jogging” one day and an unkind person made a remark about my body size and spandex.  The next day I wore my brightest most obnoxious spandex in case I saw my friend again.  The old me would have cried.  I think motherhood has toughened me up.  Chubby girl power!


Another super simple dinner.  Smoked sausage, scrambled eggs and some zucchini


Lastly, my 7-11 coffee.  Not great but not terrible.  My Keurig was malfunctioning before work one morning and there was NO coffee at work.  I got out of work at 11am and stopped at the first place I saw!  I will accept your coffee condolences below!

So what do you think about an occasional insta-rewind?  Fun? Totally lame?


5 thoughts on “Insta-Rewind 7.9.13

  1. I like these kinds of posts!

    One blogger I follow – does an “Insagram Truths” post every once in awhile, giving a bit more background behind what she posts on instagram weekly. Kind of a fun type post.

    And regarding your spandex issue; that is awesome that were strong to push through that! Screw them all; you’re the one getting out there and doing something. 🙂

    How’s the jogging going?

    • I suck at jogging. I know you aren’t supposed to day that but it is true! I’ve been logging serious mileage (for me) on my bike though and it does seem to be helping with my jogging stamina!

      Seriously, I want to sit that fool down and give him a proper “mommy” talking to about manners. I wear capris and a tank so I’m sure I’m not that terrifying looking. Things like that have happened to me in the past and are part of my fear of the gym but every step I take does a lot for my mental as well as physical well being.

      • Jogging, or “wogging” definitely takes time. Are you going to try the couch to 5k plan? For me, having a set structured plan helped me to stay motivated doing it and kept me challenged, even though I had to redo parts so many times!
        One thing I love about my CF gym is that people don’t judge. So many people come in out of shape and just end up pushing everyday to become something better.
        Just keep at it! Seems like you have the right mindset (even though you say it sucks lol); you’re determined!

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