Food Haul 8.30.13

Could it be? An actual food haul? I’ve been severely lacking on these lately! I did a big trip to Whole Foods and Costco that I never blogged. This week was short and sweet.

Sunday was The Canton Farmers Market.


It was a beautiful day and they had a petting zoo set up. Local toddler had a good time petting the animals and checking out some historical reenactments. I picked up some spinach and kale from Hand Sown Farm. From Prochaska Farm I picked up a ton of bell peppers, squash and cucumbers. I think I spent $7 at Hand Sown and $9 at Prochaska, give or take a dollar.

Wednesday was Door to Door Organics day.


My bitty box included a ton of baby bok choy and I can’t wait to make a big stir fry! I also picked up some corn tortillas and a few single serve Justin’s nut butter packets.

Did I mention that I am eating a lot more low carb meals? My food hauls and recipes will soon reflect this. Trying to prevent diabetes!

From last week I also have a photo of my Whole Foods trip:



Did you try anything new lately?  I’m most excited about my new Sunwarrior protein.  I make a huge smoothie every morning and it is so tasty!


Eastern Market Tuesdays


Finally made it to Eastern Market last Tuesday for the Tuesday market. Although it is much smaller (just shed 2) than the Saturday Market, it was a wonderful experience. There was some entertainment, food trucks, and still a good amount of vendors. Because Tuesday isn’t a usual shopping day for me, I didn’t “need” much. I still managed to do a little damage. I picked up some Champurrado mix from Cafe Con Leche (the super sweet vendor made me a sample without dairy so I could try it, its a Mexican cornmeal drink) some black cherry tomatoes from the Grown in Detroit cooperative, and some kale chips from Living Zen Organics. I found a neat hand cream called GingeAide for my hard working hubby and his cracked hands. Picked up a huge crate of peaches from Blake Farms too!


After Shed 2 we walked over to Rocky’s and picked up some pepitas and sunflower seeds. I love everything about Rocky’s. The prices are good, they have an amazing selection, and their staff is wonderful. Everybody was so gracious and helpful. Local toddler enjoyed himself there and was entertaining everybody with his “choo choo” hand basket.

We tried to eat lunch at Russel Street Deli because I’ve seen Chow Down Detroit (seriously, click the link. Detroit foodie extraordinaire!) wax philosophic about it, but it was crazy busy. Waiting for a table wasn’t going to happen with a toddler so we went to Zeff’s. I had some snacks on me so the kiddo and I just split a club sandwich. It was really good!


After lunch we walked over to Hirts (I can’t remember the name change) and did some window shopping. Such a great shop, lots to explore.


Walked over to Riopelle and window shopped at the 3 dogs 1 cat Urban Pet Shoppe. Coolest pet store! I found so many things I wanted to get for local German Shepherd. We also took a walk through the meat locker at Embassy.


It was a beautiful day and such a great day to explore all that the market has to offer. Because it was less busy it was very toddler friendly, I didn’t even bring a stroller with me. There was a musician playing that made for some quality toddler dancing and the National Kidney Foundation was there with some children’s activities as well.




I highly recommend you check it out!  Especially if you are hesitant to go to the Saturday market because of the crowds.



Real Food Camping

Real Food Camping

For some people, camping is a free for all of hamburgers, hot dogs and chips.  Others may eat only beef jerky and dried fruit.  My family falls somewhere in the middle.  We like our junk, but we also love our veggies.  For us, camping is a mixture of goodies and real food.  This past weekend we camped at the beautiful Waterloo State Park.  We arrived Friday evening and left Sunday afternoon.  Here’s a rundown of our food:

Friday dinner:

Taco/Nacho Bar.  My mother cooked taco meat prior to the trip and had it ready in her freezer.  We also had some pre-chopped veggies, cheese, prepared guacamole, etc.  My parents have a camper and heated up the meat and some beans in their trailer.  If you are a tent camper (like me!) this would be just as good cold!  It was an excellent first night meal because it was simple and we didn’t have to cook.


Breakfast was some cold cereal with almond milk, massive amounts of coffee, orange juice and some doughnuts.  I think I gave local toddler a pouch of fruit puree and he had one of those shelf stable boxes of milk that Horizon Organic makes in addition to some cereal.

Lunch was a picnic.


We made sandwiches on whole wheat bread.  Local toddler and I had turkey lunchmeat with guacamole.  Other family members had peanut butter and some of our low sugar strawberry jam.  We also had some melon that was cut up prior to the trip and some chips.  Great Lakes potato chip company kettle chips to be exact.  Oh My Yum.

Dinner was awesome.


My mom cooked potato pierogies in a crock pot.  On the grill we had chicken kebobs (chicken was cut and skewered prior to trip) brushed with cherry BBQ sauce, along with some smoked sausage.  In an electric frying pan I stir fried carrots, squash, broccoli, bell and banana peppers, green beans and onion.  I seasoned with some season salt I found in my moms camper and after cooking I tossed with a little toasted sesame oil.

Late night snacks!  We made smores and pie iron pies over the fire.  We used some canned cherry pie filling and whole wheat bread.  My dad and I combined our smores and pie irons with bread, chocolate peanut butter, and a few marshmallows.  My grandmother also brought some brownies she made that we ate with a little coconut rum.  Nobody in my family is a particularly big drinker but when we camp we always have our coconut rum brownies!

Sunday morning breakfast was the meal that I was in charge of planning and local hubby cooked.


I brought two packages of Smoking goose applewood bacon, all the chicken eggs I had in my house (my extended family isn’t as adventurous as us about turkey or duck eggs) and some frozen hash browns.  We cooked everything in an electric frying pan.  We also had the leftover veggies from the previous night and some leftover fruit.  Oh and like 24 cups of coffee.  Tent camping with a toddler automatically increases our coffee consumption x10.

It was a fantastic trip!  I love the outdoors but I will be the first to admit I’m not terribly outdoorsy or rustic.  I like modern conveniences like running water and electricity.  Camping like this is a perfect vacation for me!  One last photo!  My mom just texted me a cute picture of my guys setting up our tent:


Swiss chard, Kale and Apple Saute aka “Yes, you can eat Kale and like it too”


Stick with me, it really is good!

Spring and summer here in Michigan means leafy greens as far as the eye can see.  Greens are amazing for you.  They are nutritional workhorses that are low in calories but high in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.  But am I the only one that thinks they taste kind of like grass?  I know that I need to eat these amazing things, so I need to make it tasty.


We have been getting lots of kale and Swiss chard lately so I have been mixing them together.  In my opinion, chard is pretty “tame” and a much more delicate flavor.  Kale is the much “grassier” of the two.  I started throwing them together in this quick 10 minute side dish.


  • Kale and chard – washed and torn into pieces
  • onion – about half a medium fresh onion or some sprinkles of dried
  • garlic – fresh, minced, dried (dealers choice)  I use about 3-4 cloves fresh
  • one medium apple, diced.  (I always leave peel on, fiber is our friend!)
  • oil of choice – I use coconut oil, just enough so things don’t stick, maybe a teaspoon or so


Saute the onion and garlic in the oil.  When onions become translucent add the kale.  Saute until the kale begins to wilt.  Add the apple and the chard.  Saute until the apples are tender and the greens have wilted completely.  Sometimes if the greens are really stubborn I add a few teaspoons of water and cover the pan for a few minutes.  The steam will help break down the greens.


Enjoy and pat yourself on the back for eating your greens!  The apple really helps break through the bitter taste that greens have, so it is a great way to introduce things like kale to your palate.

My recipe tasters give the following reviews:

Local Toddler – some days he eats it, some days he picks out and eats only the apples

Local Hubby – enjoys it (man of few words)

Local Dad – asks for more, encourages me to come over and make it more often

Local Mom – eats it, declares it tastes healthy

Real Food Kelly – besides kale chips, the only way I will eat kale!

Food Haul 8.9.13

Happy Friday! Another week has come and gone, and this one was a little rough in the Real Food House. I got sick and my husband is working super long shifts. Pretty sure local toddler will climb the walls today if we don’t get out of our house!
Because I got sick, I didn’t make it to any markets during the week. Thankfully I have a veggie buying addiction, so the fridge is full.
Lets haul!

Last Friday we had the great fortune to be able to harvest from the huge garden where my son attends playgroup. Lots of beautiful chard and kale. We also picked a few green peppers, a summer squash and a cucumber.

Canton Farmers Market was fantastic last week. The author of “Farmers’ Market Day”, Shanda Trent, was selling her book and also reading and signing. We bought one and local toddler is obsessed with it. He talks about the farmers markets all the time, so it’s great to have a book about one of his passions. The illustrations are beautiful! I thought the price point was good too, it’s a very large hardcover for $13. Along with the book, we picked up peaches from Kapnick’s ($5), carrots and potatoes from Hand Sown Farm ($7) and from Prochaska Farm we bought cabbage, a watermelon, onions, bell peppers, corn and a broccoli approximately the size of local toddler. I think I spent $13 there. From Pure Pastures I picked up some chicken and some sausage for $15.

Wednesday was Door to Door Organics day and we got a bitty box. My goal is to eat the beets instead of juicing them. I’d love some beet recipes! The box looks a little sparse because we needed a lot of bananas.

Just a few cookies and milk items! Some Calder Dairy milk, Ann Arbor Tortilla Factory chips, Zingermans brownies and Avalon cookies.
Total from Door to Door must have been around $50. The Internet hates me today so I can’t check. That is also why there are no links in this post, I’m doing it from my phone and they won’t cooperate.
So the total for food this week was about $100. What did you buy this week?

Food Haul 8.2.13

Happy Friday!

What a beautiful week!  Michigan produce is in full swing so the farmers markets are just beautiful right now.  In fact, there is so much goodness at the markets I skipped my Door to Door Organics order this week.  (But I love you always and I will be back next week!)  I hit three markets and one very small trip to Kroger this week for canning supplies.

First up is the Sunday Canton Farmers Market.


We bought eggs from Pure Pastures ($4), potatoes and carrots from Hand Sown Farm ($6) and from Prochaska Farm we bought corn, zucchini, 3 quarts of pickling cucumbers, tons of bell peppers, and onions ($13).  Local toddler bought a cookie from Kapnicks for $1.50 as well.  Total amount spent at the Canton Market was $24.50.

On Wednesday I finally was able to check out the Wayne Farmers Market in Goudy Park.  Half of the vendors were moved into the Banquet hall next to the park due to rain.


We bought 2 chicken pasties from U.P. Pasties ($11), 2 reuben rolls from Stone Hearth Bakery ($6) and local hubby bought two different types of cheese from Beechwood Cheese Company ($12).  Our total at the Wayne market was $29.  By the way, the pasties are deeeelicious.

Thursday evening brought me to the Westland Farmers Market


I will freely admit that I’m about to sound like a crazy fangirl right about now.  I had a chance to talk to the awesome (and yes, adorable) guys from O’Keefe O’ganics.  They are college boys who decided to start growing veggies.  It’s just three guys and a lot of hard work running their farm.  They do everything by hand!  I was telling them that they remind me of Hand Sown Farm.  I bought 3 quarts of pickling cukes, corn, cherry tomatoes ($10) and they gave me some green beans on the house.  Did I mention I have a farm crush?  Go check them out!  They sell at the Wayne and Westland Farmers Markets.  Local toddler also picked up a fig and oat vegan cookie from Macro Val. ($1.50)  Our total from the Westland Market was $11.50.

I also had to make a quick trip to Kroger this week.


Just had to pick up some pickling supplies that I didn’t have on hand.  I also grabbed some cheese for homemade pizzas.  I spent $38 but that included some mason jars, and a bunch of canning lids.

This makes our total for the week $66 if I don’t include the Kroger trip, $104 if I do.  Great week!  Put up 13 pints of dill pickles earlier this week and by the time this posts I should be elbows deep in bread and butter pickles and blueberry sauce using the blueberries in my freezer I bought at the Canton market a few weeks ago.

What did you find this week?  Do you do any preserving?