Real Food Camping

Real Food Camping

For some people, camping is a free for all of hamburgers, hot dogs and chips.  Others may eat only beef jerky and dried fruit.  My family falls somewhere in the middle.  We like our junk, but we also love our veggies.  For us, camping is a mixture of goodies and real food.  This past weekend we camped at the beautiful Waterloo State Park.  We arrived Friday evening and left Sunday afternoon.  Here’s a rundown of our food:

Friday dinner:

Taco/Nacho Bar.  My mother cooked taco meat prior to the trip and had it ready in her freezer.  We also had some pre-chopped veggies, cheese, prepared guacamole, etc.  My parents have a camper and heated up the meat and some beans in their trailer.  If you are a tent camper (like me!) this would be just as good cold!  It was an excellent first night meal because it was simple and we didn’t have to cook.


Breakfast was some cold cereal with almond milk, massive amounts of coffee, orange juice and some doughnuts.  I think I gave local toddler a pouch of fruit puree and he had one of those shelf stable boxes of milk that Horizon Organic makes in addition to some cereal.

Lunch was a picnic.


We made sandwiches on whole wheat bread.  Local toddler and I had turkey lunchmeat with guacamole.  Other family members had peanut butter and some of our low sugar strawberry jam.  We also had some melon that was cut up prior to the trip and some chips.  Great Lakes potato chip company kettle chips to be exact.  Oh My Yum.

Dinner was awesome.


My mom cooked potato pierogies in a crock pot.  On the grill we had chicken kebobs (chicken was cut and skewered prior to trip) brushed with cherry BBQ sauce, along with some smoked sausage.  In an electric frying pan I stir fried carrots, squash, broccoli, bell and banana peppers, green beans and onion.  I seasoned with some season salt I found in my moms camper and after cooking I tossed with a little toasted sesame oil.

Late night snacks!  We made smores and pie iron pies over the fire.  We used some canned cherry pie filling and whole wheat bread.  My dad and I combined our smores and pie irons with bread, chocolate peanut butter, and a few marshmallows.  My grandmother also brought some brownies she made that we ate with a little coconut rum.  Nobody in my family is a particularly big drinker but when we camp we always have our coconut rum brownies!

Sunday morning breakfast was the meal that I was in charge of planning and local hubby cooked.


I brought two packages of Smoking goose applewood bacon, all the chicken eggs I had in my house (my extended family isn’t as adventurous as us about turkey or duck eggs) and some frozen hash browns.  We cooked everything in an electric frying pan.  We also had the leftover veggies from the previous night and some leftover fruit.  Oh and like 24 cups of coffee.  Tent camping with a toddler automatically increases our coffee consumption x10.

It was a fantastic trip!  I love the outdoors but I will be the first to admit I’m not terribly outdoorsy or rustic.  I like modern conveniences like running water and electricity.  Camping like this is a perfect vacation for me!  One last photo!  My mom just texted me a cute picture of my guys setting up our tent:



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