Food Haul 8.30.13

Could it be? An actual food haul? I’ve been severely lacking on these lately! I did a big trip to Whole Foods and Costco that I never blogged. This week was short and sweet.

Sunday was The Canton Farmers Market.


It was a beautiful day and they had a petting zoo set up. Local toddler had a good time petting the animals and checking out some historical reenactments. I picked up some spinach and kale from Hand Sown Farm. From Prochaska Farm I picked up a ton of bell peppers, squash and cucumbers. I think I spent $7 at Hand Sown and $9 at Prochaska, give or take a dollar.

Wednesday was Door to Door Organics day.


My bitty box included a ton of baby bok choy and I can’t wait to make a big stir fry! I also picked up some corn tortillas and a few single serve Justin’s nut butter packets.

Did I mention that I am eating a lot more low carb meals? My food hauls and recipes will soon reflect this. Trying to prevent diabetes!

From last week I also have a photo of my Whole Foods trip:



Did you try anything new lately?  I’m most excited about my new Sunwarrior protein.  I make a huge smoothie every morning and it is so tasty!


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