Food Haul 9.27.13

Happy Friday!

Just a small food haul this week. I’ve been rehabbing a back injury so I haven’t been able to get to any farmers markets lately. Thankfully I’m up and moving now so I’m hoping to make up for lost time!

All of my groceries this week came from Door to Door Organics.


Lots of spinach for my morning green monster smoothies, trying some Ezekiel raisin bread, and some unsweetened coconut that I’m going to try toasting and adding to my homemade almond milk . Picked up some new to me Oasis hummus to try out and Grahams Organics breakfast sausage. Love my giant sweet potatoes too!


I also got a 10 pound box of local organic pears! I’m loving that they are offering “canning” quantities of items. My mom and I wanted to try canning pears to see if it is a worthwhile use of our time, so 10lbs is perfect. So happy to get these pears!

In “here she goes again talking about how much she loves Door to Door Organics” news, I picked up my boxes at the warehouse this week and they had local toddlers sunglasses waiting for me.


I was convinced he hid them somewhere. Hooray! I puffy heart the warehouse staff, they are all awesome.

My total this week was $68, $15 of which was the pears. However, my fridge and cupboards are starting to get a little bare. I’m going to need to do a stockpiling trip soon! I’m out of things like flour and sugar!

Did you try anything new this week? Find a great deal? Where do you stock up on your pantry staples?



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