New Series: Real Food to Go

Real Food to Go

Welcome to my new blog series! This will be an ongoing series chronicling what I pack my husband for lunch. For some background information; my husband is a heavy duty diesel mechanic that works 8-12 hour shifts usually 6 days a week. He works a combination of mostly afternoons with a day shift and a midnight shift thrown in once a week. His “lunch” is usually eaten at dinner time. I usually pack him the leftovers of what local toddler and I ate the night before for dinner. This series will give you a good overview of what I make for my family on a regular basis. We are an average family, pinching pennies just like everybody else. As I always have tried on my blog, I want to address that real food is not elitist. We struggle with money like anybody else, but food is important to us.

Because local hubby works such long hours at such a physical job, I pack him a ton of food. He’s also resistant to eating breakfast. He enjoys some “cheat” foods that I pack for him. I will not claim that everything I pack for him fits the criteria of real food, but it is certainly better than a drive thru. We are all works in progress!

I will probably aim to make this a weekly series, but because I often have “repeats” there will not be a whole weeks worth in each post. He also usually buys lunch once a week with his coworkers. We budget for this because it breaks up the monotony of him eating his meal every night while they buy food every night. Also he works in Detroit, which is foodie heaven.

I will post links to recipes when available, but if you want more information about a meal please don’t hesitate to ask!

Enough of my yammering, lets get to the food!


This day was some Annie’s macaroni and cheese with some pieces of steak on top.  A whole bunch of roasted butternut squash and yummy roasted broccoli.


This photo and the two below it are all together, but I thought I should show individual pictures so you can see what is in each container.  This was for one of his longer days so it is probably 2-3 meals.  The same roasted squash and broccoli as above, with oven roasted potatoes and steak.


In the Goodbyn, we have a Zingermans brownie, grapes and kiwi berries, and some dried cherries and walnuts to put on his salad.


Just some plain spinach for a salad.  We love this pink creamy Greek dressing from Apolonia.  Trying to find good containers to send dressing in, thankfully we had this little sample bottle.


Hey look, more squash!  Seriously, this squash was gigantic!  Lots of whole wheat penne pasta topped with chicken that was baked with a little Celtic sea salt and Apolonia oily Greek dressing.  Some organic frozen peas (Alexia brand) to finish it off.


Apolonia dressings are purchased from Door to Door Organics, along with all produce and most pantry items.  Meat is from Pure Pastures.  Everything is purchased by me

I would love your feedback on this series!

Food Haul 10-21-13

After the Good Food Gathering hosted by Door to Door Organics, my order doubled in size! There was so much good food to try! We added several new things to our order.

The Apolonia oily Greek dressing is awesome! Great as a marinade or as the dressing in a pasta salad too. Grabbed some Germack almonds to make almond milk too. Some more usual suspects too: Calder Dairy milk, Ezekiel tortillas and raisin bread, Zingermans brownie, Oasis hummus, organic pasta and Great Lakes Potato chips.

Lots of yummy produce this week! Bought extra beets, carrots and oranges for juicing. The dark things are purple potatoes!

Side note: life here at the Real Food house is crazy. Local hubby is working all kinds of crazy hours and we are trying to adjust. I’m trying to carve out blogging time! I will be starting a new series soon detailing what I pack for his lunches. Say tuned!

Real Foodie Costco Trippin’


I have been in desperate need of a stockpile grocery trip.  Here at the Real Food House, we usually do two major stockpile trips a year, a monthly refill and then our weekly day-to-day items.  There have been lots of changes in schedules, budgets and diets in our home.  We are trying to find the balance and aren’t there yet.  My husband works a ton of hours at a very physically demanding job, so we know we need to fuel him properly.  Local toddler eats a ton of food, I’m honestly shocked how much a 2.5 year old can eat!  I have also been making changes to my diet.  I’m lowering the amount of carbohydrates I eat and loosely carb cycling as a Diabetes prevention.  (I have rampant Diabetes on both sides of my family and I myself have PCOS so I’m trying to keep myself healthy.)  All of these changes are having a major effect on our grocery budget and our eating.  We are trying to figure it all out while still eating as local as possible.  Once we get our heads above water I will be doing lots of freezer cooking to attempt to make my life easier, stay tuned!

So, about that stockpile trip to Costco

I’m in amazement of all the good real food sold at Costco!  I’m having phone issues so I didn’t really get pictures to share.  Costco has really been stepping up their game in the Organic foods lately.  I picked up organic spinach and organic baby kale for a steal, I think they were a pound each for $4+.  My hubby picked up some brown rice sushi and we also found some smoked wild caught salmon.  We also found some wild caught salmon burgers that I’m excited to try.  We are trying to eat more healthy fish so we are working our way in slowly and starting with already prepared items.  Speaking of fish, they had a 6 pack of Wild Planet Foods wild Albacore tuna for $14.99 which is a steal if you have seen how much this stuff costs for a single can!  I’ve never tried it before because of the price, but I know that sustainable seafood is expensive so we took the plunge.

My husband was looking for some shelf stable “just add water” type of items to keep in his locker at work and found some vegan noodles that looked enticing.  Some other “must have” items we get at Costco are peanut butter, organic sugar, unbleached flour, walnuts, avocados, bread, sausage, English muffins, cheese, lunch meat, and I was super excited to find Happy Squeeze pouches for local toddler (these things are awesome to keep in my purse for an emergency snack or special treat if we are out.)  We also grabbed the organic corn tortilla chips, they are so good!

I also get paper products, laundry products, and a plethora of other items at Costco.  I love to buy things from local small stores and Door to Door Organics but it is wonderful to be able to stock my pantry back up while on a budget.  I’ve also heard wonderful things about Costco and how they treat their employees and pay a fair wage so I’m happy to give them business.

Do you shop Costco?  What are some of your favorite items to buy?

Tell me Tuesday: Homemade Convenience Foods

Some weeks are more challenging than others when it comes to eating “real food.”  I’m recovering well from my back injury but still not quite feeling up to standing in the kitchen for hours.  My husband just switched jobs so we are in paycheck limbo, and trying to not spend too much money.  The fridge and cupboards are looking pretty bare.  My major canning projects are done for the season so I know I need to switch my energy over to making more meal items to freeze and homemade convenience items.  What are your favorite meals to freeze?  What would you like me to work on?  Want to share a great recipe?

Here are some of my favorites (click on an image for recipe):









Sweet Potato Muffins (Real Food in a Real World)


No Bake Granola Bars