Real Food to Go 11.4.13

Happy Monday!

This week in lunch was a little hit or miss. We had to skip our Door to Door Organics order last week because our budget got lean for a little while. Real life happens to all of us! I had to try to get creative with what we had in the house. Most blogs would call that an “Eating from the Pantry Challenge” but I will be straight with you and say we were short on funds and it wasn’t that exciting! Thankfully I hoard keep a lot of food in the house.


This one looks kind of boring but tastes delicious!  I typically make brown rice, so local hubby is always excited to find white rice in his lunch.  The chicken was baked in a big pan with some sea salt and Apolonia Oily Greek dressing.  The juice is a mixture of all the produce that was going south.  It is beets, carrots, romaine lettuce, ginger and apple.


This lunch got repeated a few times!  Peanut butter and jelly sandwich (my aunt made grape jelly from fresh organic grapes my parents picked while vacationing up north) apple, Doritos stolen from Local Toddlers Halloween stash, Greek yogurt with some Germack Motown Mix to add in, and a spinach salad with some walnuts and dried cherries and Apolonia pink creamy Greek dressing.  Door to Door Organics hasn’t had the creamy Greek available for a few weeks and we are now out, there may be an uprising!  The bread was in our freezer from Costco, it is Sara Lee Whole grain white or something like that.  It’s not that great for you, but I just can’t seem to get into the habit of making bread and I don’t have a perfect recipe.


Lunch fail.  I made really soupy oatmeal in the hopes that it would reheat well.  It did not.  Local toddler and I ate this fresh and it was pretty amazing.  It was oatmeal with walnuts and apple celebration salad.  I also packed a banana with peanut butter, some Calder Dairy milk and Grass Fed whey protein and an Emergen-C packet because we are all fighting off a cold (and winning!) (Side note, I don’t think Emergen-C is considered “real food” but we had it in the house and I am determined to keep us healthy)


Just had to throw in a toddler lunch to complete this post.  Banana slices with roasted and salted pepitas, cranberries and raisins on top of peanut butter.  This is a light lunch for him, but I thought it was pretty.

Any hits or misses in your lunch?

Do you make bread?  I’d love a perfect recipe for sandwich bread, I even have a bread machine!  Mine are always crumbly.

What do you make when the budget gets tight?

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