Real Food to Go 11.18.13

Happy Monday!

What is new in your world?  I got this fancy new phone that I’m learning how to use (Samsung Galaxy).  It takes amazing photos but I have to relearn editing and blogging.  I do 90% of my blog from my phone because I am always on the go with my kiddo.  I *think* I have learned enough to get me back to blogging!  Today is some more lunches!



Leftover cold pizza is one of my favorite food groups.  This was a simple pizza I threw together one night when I realized we had nothing planned for dinner.  It was Trader Joes dough from my freezer, Target organic spaghetti sauce used for the sauce, some cheese from Whole Foods and Organic Prairie uncured pepperoni from the freezer.  We are indifferent about the Trader Joes dough, I need to get around to making some homemade dough and stash in the freezer.  I also threw in a PB & J sandwich, an apple and a spinach salad with some pepitas and dried cherries.


Spaghetti nights are a toddler favorite.  Some Field Day pasta from Door to Door Organics, jarred organic sauce from Target, breaded chicken, and a spinach salad with some trail mix and pepitas and dried cherries.


This lunch was repeated a few times!  When I make stir fry, I always make enough for like 10 people.  This was a simple stir fry made with Applegate organic hot dogs, every veggie in the house and some Soy Vay Teriyaki sauce.  Botan sticky rice keeps the hubby happy.  He said the protein shake was terrible, but I am guessing it may have been because it was vanilla and boring plain.


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