My sous chef and I (Real Food in a Real World)

My sous chef and I (Real Food in a Real World)

Hi!  I’m Kelly.  I’m a mostly stay-at-home mom and wife to Larry III (my husband, aka 3.0) and Larry IV (my two year old son, aka 4.0).  I’m also a very part time Medical Laboratory Technician currently working in Reproductive Endocrinology.  We share our home with a German Shepherd named Maui, and all of her fur.  I love to cook and bake, but I seriously hate doing dishes.

We are an average American family with a strong interest in our food; where it comes from, and how it was treated/grown.  This blog chronicles how an average suburban family finds their way away from the supermarket, and closer to the farms.

We aren’t perfect.  Our diet isn’t perfect.  Some days there will be stumbles and we will order pizza.  I promise to keep it real.  We will do our best to always be improving, and remember that stumbles are just temporary.

Thanks for joining us, let me know what is on your mind!

I can be reached here at the blog or at realfoodinarealworld {at} gmail [dot] com


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  1. Hi Kelly. So glad to see you are trying to give lil Larry a good start in life. My husband and I started eating healty after the new year. We didn’t do it to loose weight but to get off some of the pills we had been taking. I find that I am doing alot of cooking from scratch. It is time consuming but worth it. I am currently looking for a source of good dark chocolate (65-70% cocoa). The plan we are following is the Reader’s Digest Diet. We will have to talk next time I see you at church! Cassie T.

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  3. Dear Kelly, Could you talk about substituting applesauce in cake recipes for the oil and where is the sampling kitchen located? :~)

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