Food Haul 7.12.13

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I totally spaced on remembering to take pictures of everything this week.  I do have a few pictures, just not of everything.  There was no Canton Farmers Market this past weekend due to the holiday.  Can’t wait for next week!

On Tuesdays Eastern Market and the Wayne Metro Community action agency is hosting a mobile farmers market in Inkster.  (If you click this link, you can see the full listing of Market stands that Eastern Market is hosting this season, there are a bunch!)  Inkster is somewhat of a food desert so I was glad to hear this.  Local toddler and I decided to go check it out.  It is hosted in front of Starfish Family Services at 3000 Hively, near to Cherry Hill and Middlebelt.  They are open from 2pm-5pm.  It was small but quite a few options were available.

IMG_0114 IMG_0115

Local toddler selected the yellow grape tomatoes and ate half the container before we even left.  We also got some broccoli and zucchini.  We spent $4.25 at the market.  It was a nice little set-up and I was glad to see it in that area.


Our Door to Door Organics order this week is not photographed.  Well, I do have a picture of local toddler and what he was up to when I was opening the boxes.


Somehow my son has all of the warehouse staff wrapped around his finger and they always make sure he gets an orange (or two!)  There were berries in the freebie bin so he grabbed one of those as well.  I’m a little scatterbrained right now and I totally forgot he had berries.  While I was bringing the boxes in, he decided to make a berry pie.  (The pie toy is the super sorting pie from Learning Resources, it is so cute.)  He also ate an untold number of berries.  Judging from the stains on his shirt they are delightfully juicy.  Being the good blogger I am, I took a picture before cleaning up.

I spent $51 at Door to Door Organics on the following items:

Cucumber 1
Russet Potatoes 2
Red Leaf Lettuce 1
Red or Green Bell Pepper, small 1
Carrots with Tops 1
Nectarines 2
Mango, Tommy Atkins 1
Lemon 1
Bananas 2
Broccoli bunch $3.49 1 $3.49
Avalon Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk Cookies $3.39 2 2 Cookies $6.78
Creswick Farms Pastured Large Brown Eggs $4.19 1 dozen $4.19
Food for Life Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted 10-inch Tortillas $3.39 1 12 oz $3.39
Green Cabbage $2.99 1 $2.99
Zingerman’s Bakehouse – Magic Brownie $2.99 1 4 oz $2.99
Calder’s Dairy – 2% Milk $3.09 2 1/2 Gal $6.18

There was also a random trip to Kroger thrown in there this week.  We bought hamburger buns, almond milk, coffee, cereal, tuna, bread, a ton of yogurt, Clif and Larabars, and some other random junk.  Random junk was some potato chips and my favorite junk food ever: Better Made corn pops.  So addictive, I hand the bag to my husband and make him hide it!  We spent about $40 there.

Food costs for the week was $95.25.

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Food Haul 6.20.13

Food Haul Header

I’m sorry I have been kind of blog absent!  I can give you 100 excuses why, but I won’t bore you with my life story.  Stick with me, I promise the good stuff is coming!  I try to keep up on social media outlets, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  I just discovered Instagram, it is so much fun!

Anyways, down to the food.

As is our summer ritual, we started Sunday off at the Canton Farmers Market.  I forgot to take a picture of everything together, but we bought some Swiss chard from Hand Sown Farm, some cinnamon honey baked almonds from Nana’s Nuts, and chocolate chip cookies from Kapnicks.  The real star of the show was my flat of non-GMO pesticide free strawberries from Prochaska Farm.

ImageAs of this writing I am halfway through the flat turning them all into low sugar freezer jam.  Total at the Farmers market was $33, of which $25 was the strawberries.

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Because Sunday was Fathers Day, hubby got to choose what we did.  He wanted to go to Holiday Market on our way home from the farmers market.

ImageWe bought coffee from the coffee bar and strolled around the store.  He picked out some spinach dip & chips, and cannoli.  We also picked up some marked down organic blueberries, avocados, and a few boxes of pectin for my jam making.  Can’t find my receipt anywhere, I’m guessing we spent $30.

Last up is Door to Door Organics.  As always, a cute story first.  Local toddler and I were picking up our box and the only item in the extras bin was peaches.  Local toddler refers to Door to Door Organics as “oranges” and all the workers know him as the orange monster.  The always awesome Mike got my boxes and brought kiddo an orange.  He held it on the way home, when at a stoplight I noticed my car smelled delightful…

ImageSo we had the orange with lunch.

And now the food!  My counters are covered with jars of cooling jam, so lame pics today.


The ever present Calder Dairy milk and some Thomas Organic Creamery blueberry yogurt.

ImageLastly we have the bitty box of goodies.  Yay corn!  Added some Ann Arbor Tortilla Factory chips and Avalon 313 whole wheat bread since I do not have the time to be bread baking right now.

Spent $39 at Door to Door Organics this week, so our total for the week is $102.  Not too shabby because I’m expecting to have 16 pints of local organic low sugar strawberry jam to show for that as well.

Food Haul 4.4.13


The pantry, she is full.  We went to Costco this week, and I think I am safely stocked up on baking supplies and some things I will need for summer canning season. And the apocalypse

Let’s just jump right in to the Costco trip


I have been reading a lot about Chia seeds lately and I have requests to make some recipes.  I picked some up and I will start to experiment.  Twenty pounds of unbleached flour, ten pounds of organic sugar and five pounds of brown sugar should keep us in baked goods for a long time.


Red pepper hummus is pracitcally a food group in this house.  We got hotdogs for the freezer for grilling season.  The organic tortilla chips are awesome!  The potato chips are for hubby, for his work lunches. The turkey is a new experiment I will be reviewing.


Tiny trip to Pure Pastures this week.  Chicken Pasties and some Black Cherry ice cream from Calder Dairy for hubby.  He says it is amazing.

Of course, we have the Door to Door Organics boxes!

Food Haul 4.4.13

Grape tomatoes will make my kiddo happy, and blackberries make me happy!  I’m going to try out kale chips this week, I’m looking forward to another way to force kale into my body.  I think kale tastes like grass, so the more tasty ways the better!

Food Haul 4.4.13

Pretty usual suspects here, Calder Dairy milk and sour cream, Tofutti sour cream, La Michoacana tortillas, Avalon 313 bread, and some cream cheese and Michigan MOO co-jack cheese.

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Food Haul 3.28.13


I don’t think I really ever realized how much food we use in a week until I started posting these food hauls.  It’s very interesting to take a look and see what we use in a week.  This weeks Door to Door Organics boxes were big again.  As you can see in the picture above, there is the usual suspects as far as produce, along with some dandelion greens and baby beets.  My husband ordered some Easter treats from Zingermans; a brownie and some fudge eggs.


The second box from Door to Door had milk from Calder Dairy, cheese, boneless skinless chicken breasts, some breakfast sausage from Graham’s Organics, and Avalon 313 whole wheat bread.  One loaf is for my mom, she babysits for me so I bake and get things in my boxes for her.

We went to Pure Pastures (Natural Local Food Express) this week too.  Talked to Garry a little bit and found out that he will be at both the Canton Farmers Market and the Dearborn Farmers Markets this season.  He also let me know my quarter cow should be ready in a week or two.


Picked up some necessities from Pure Pastures; free range eggs, garlic powder, chocolate milk from Calder Dairy, free range boneless skinless chicken breasts, and dark chocolate almonds.  The almonds are my treat, they are so delicious.  I only need two or three to satisfy a craving.


A few random items from a local bakery.  They sell bread crumbs for 50 cents a bag and I keep them in my freezer.  I bought the bacon cheese for my husband, and made him a grilled cheese sandwich.  I think I’m wife of the year right now.


This last photo is probably the most random of all our food this week.  My husband is a mechanic, and is always checking out cars for people.  This person needed him to take a quick look at something.  He works in produce and stopped by later that day and handed us a bag with these goodies.  The bananas are already cut and frozen waiting to be made into Green Monsters!

Food prices this week?  I think we are around $115.  It’s a little higher than I would like right now, considering we have a huge beef purchase coming up.  But, we purchased almost five pounds of chicken breasts.  I’m making chicken nuggets for the freezer.  Recipe coming as soon as I finish testing it!

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Food Haul 3.21.13

Food Haul 3.21.13

Huge food haul this week!  My husband had a birthday and we are restocking our shelves.  I will just give a summary so it’s not hideously boring.  We hit up Natural Local Food Express in Dearborn Heights, Target, and our weekly Door to Door Organics order.

First up is Natural Local Food Express (the Dearborn Heights location)


Highlight of this trip was the chicken pasties.  Such a quick and delicious dinner!  I am going to talk to Garry or Su and find out more about the pasties, they were great.

Next up is the accidental Target trip.  Accidental, because I had to get some toddler supplies but my husband was with me.  He made some interesting choices, but I’m keeping it real and here are what “food products” landed in my cart.


Told you, I’m keeping it real. Not proud, but we usually do pretty good.

Last up is Door to Door Organics.

IMG_8022-001 IMG_8026-001

Huge order this week.  The Smoking Goose (Indiana) Applewood smoked bacon is a favorite here.  I love Avalon (Detroit) 313 bread and I got the birthday boy a brownie from Zingermans (Ann Arbor).  From Calder Dairy (Carleton) we got milk and sour cream.  Strawberry yogurt from Thomas Organic Creamery (Henderson) and La Michoacana (Detroit) tortillas.

For anybody interested in food costs, we spent $32 at Natural Local Food Express and $92 at Door to Door Organics

Want to learn more about Door to Door Organics?

Simple Beauty – Sunday Breakfast


My husband does little cooking, but the man makes an awesome breakfast!

On Sunday mornings that we are both actually home, my husband likes to make a big Sunday breakfast.  For the first time in like two months, we got that chance this weekend.  It was delicious!  We had eggs (the free range eggs from Natural Local Food Express), hash browns (Alexia brand, also from Natural Local Food Express), Sausage (Grahams Organics, from Door to Door Organics) and whole wheat toast (Avalon 313, from Door to Door Organics). 

A nice, simple breakfast that tastes gourmet because of using high quality ingredients.  This has been one of my biggest lessons in eating local; when you use high quality ingredients, your food will taste amazing, even with simple preparations.