Food Haul 6.13.13

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I can say with great certainty that when I do math at the end of this post, this will be the highest number ever.


We started off this week with a delivery from Garry at Pure Pastures late Thursday night.  Garry delivered a 1/4 grass-fed local cow.  The hang weight was 166lbs, for a total price of $512.94.  Yes, we spent over $500 on beef.  I feel confident that our beef eating rate, we should be stocked up for a year.  I can do a separate post all about buying a side of beef if there is an interest, and detail the cuts and amounts.

Sunday we went to  the Farmers Market (Canton Farmers Market on Sundays 9-1)


Got some spinach from Hand Sown Farm, some strawberries from Prochaska Farms, and some peach salsa from Pure Pastures.  (Garry gave us the salsa for free along with some eggs when I went in to pay for my side of beef)  We also bought three types of jerky from Captain John’s Smokehouse.

Total from the farmers market was around $23


Finally, we have the Door to Door Organics order this week.


Just a bitty box this week.  Lots of yummy fruit


   Garden Fresh artichoke garlic Salsa,  Ann Arbor Tortilla Factory chips,  Calder Dairy milk, Once Again almond butter and Zingerman’s magic brownie.  Yummy!

Total from Door to Door Organics this week was $44.

Grand total, just about $580.  Whew.  My credit card is a little sad.  My freezer is very happy 🙂

Food Haul 6.6.13

Food Haul Header

So much food!  Local hubby is working approximately 987 hours a week right now so food has been super important.  He works really hard at work so we need to keep him fueled.

We started off on Sunday at the Farmers Market (Canton Farmers Market on Sundays 9-1)


Got some Bok Choy and red leaf lettuce from Hand Sown Farm, some asparagus from Kapnick’s and some chicken from Pure Pastures.  Total was somewhere around $20, I’m not good at keeping track when I use cash.

Oh yea, last market I went to I picked up these fun things:


A new water bottle to try out for local toddler.  We currently use stainless steel which is great, except it heats up fast in the sun.  The amazing find was this all natural finger paint.  It’s made by Love Bubs and it is awesome!  Sure I could hop on Pinterest and make my own, but she saved me the time and mess so we could get right to playing.  It rocks!  I’ve had it for a few weeks and I just tossed it in the fridge this week.  Still fresh!  I think I paid $5 for the finger paint and $5 for the water bottle, but I can’t remember for sure.

Next up this week was a trip to Kroger.


We spent about $90 and got a cart full of a million protein bars.  Some random other goodies for local hubby: Gatorade, bread, chips etc.  Lots of yogurt, almond and coconut milk and some other random goodies.  A good mix of healthy and junk I think.

Finally, we have the Door to Door Organics order this week.


Just a bitty box this week.  Nothing too crazy, really excited to have some stone fruits coming into season.


Lots of delightful goodies here!  Graham’s Organics sausage, Garden Fresh Wild Mild Salsa, The Brinery sauerkraut, Ann Arbor Tortilla Factory lime chips, Creswick Farms eggs, Mitten Munch fudge brownie bars, Mama Mo red pepper hummus, Calder Dairy milk, and some Great Lakes Potato Chip Company BBQ chips.  So much delicious in one box!

Total from Door to Door Organics this week was $60.

Our total for the week was about $170, which is actually better than I thought.

Food Haul 4.11.13

Food Haul 4.11.13

Finally a “cheap” week!  My fridge and pantry are stuffed and we are eating all kinds of tasty things.  The only food we bought this week was from Door to Door Organics, and even that was a smaller order than usual for us.  Total food costs this week was $62.

Food Haul 4.11.13

There are two of the biggest bunches of kale I have ever seen stuffed in that picture.  My goal is to finally perfect making kale chips.  I keep under or over cooking them!  I can’t believe I keep buying kale on purpose.  Anybody else think it tastes like grass?  I’m working on a bunch of non-grassy recipes, share your favorite!

I also had to replenish my oats supply because I used them all up trying to make a nut free version of my granola bars.  If my next experiment goes well, those will be up on the blog next week!  I have been toiling away at that recipe forever.  I’m trying a chocolate bar called Chocolove.  It is dark chocolate, almond and sea salt.  Not too much else new and interesting there, the usual Calder milk for local toddler (and his grape tomatoes! addict…)  Also some potatoes because this cool spring weather has me craving some potatoes.  Oh white potatoes, why can’t you be as nutritious as sweet potatoes?

What did you buy this week?

Want to learn more about Door to Door Organics?

Our Journey

Off we go on a new journey.  Can we really do this? Step away from the grocery store and try to get closer to the farm?

I want to know where our food comes from. I want to meet the farmers, the bakers, the makers.

Feeding the Birds  Real Food in a Real World

Feeding the birds, learning where our eggs come from. (Real Food in a Real World)

I know it won’t be perfect. We are a Midwest suburban family, subject to a harsh winter with little local food able to be grown year round. We are an average family, figuring it out as we go along and budgeting every cent we have. Trying to invest in our health and our future.

 Inspecting the chickens Real Food in a Real World

Inspecting the chickens. (Real Food in a Real World)

The photos won’t be beautiful, I’m shooting with an iPhone.  But I promise, the dishes will be tasty.  Some I will invent (if there are any original ideas in this post-Pinterest era) and many will be adaptations of recipes I have found around the internet and in my recipe box.

Come join us as we take off on our journey to better food, better health, and a whole lot of yum.