Food Haul 3.7.14

Happy Friday!!

This week started with a very empty fridge and pantry. I reorganized my pantry and I tossed an embarrassing amount of old expired stuff. In better news, I am much better organized now!  I also packed up a box of food to donate so I know I won’t be wasteful.

Our budget was pretty lean for a couple weeks so we tried to only buy what was absolutely necessary. We ate just fine but a little boring. Wednesday was our Door to Door Organics day and it felt like Christmas!


Lots of beautiful color in the boxes!  Local toddler was happy to see his Calder Dairy milk and some Brown Cow yogurt. My husband did our order this week so he got us both brownies (Zingermans for him and a vegan one from Pinwheel Bakery for me).  Also some Tofutti dairy free sour cream and Smoking Goose applewood smoked bacon aka the only bacon ever found in our house.  We spent $60 at Door to Door and my fridge is so much happier!

I also went to Pure Pastures this week but I cannot find my photos!  I bought 2 whole chickens, frozen bell peppers, canned beans, soy sauce, potatoes, sausage, dried cherries and I am certain I am missing a few things. Spent $50.70 and $50 of that was covered by a groupon I had purchased for $30.

Did you try anything new this week?  Find a great deal?  Come chat about it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!


Food Haul 8.2.13

Happy Friday!

What a beautiful week!  Michigan produce is in full swing so the farmers markets are just beautiful right now.  In fact, there is so much goodness at the markets I skipped my Door to Door Organics order this week.  (But I love you always and I will be back next week!)  I hit three markets and one very small trip to Kroger this week for canning supplies.

First up is the Sunday Canton Farmers Market.


We bought eggs from Pure Pastures ($4), potatoes and carrots from Hand Sown Farm ($6) and from Prochaska Farm we bought corn, zucchini, 3 quarts of pickling cucumbers, tons of bell peppers, and onions ($13).  Local toddler bought a cookie from Kapnicks for $1.50 as well.  Total amount spent at the Canton Market was $24.50.

On Wednesday I finally was able to check out the Wayne Farmers Market in Goudy Park.  Half of the vendors were moved into the Banquet hall next to the park due to rain.


We bought 2 chicken pasties from U.P. Pasties ($11), 2 reuben rolls from Stone Hearth Bakery ($6) and local hubby bought two different types of cheese from Beechwood Cheese Company ($12).  Our total at the Wayne market was $29.  By the way, the pasties are deeeelicious.

Thursday evening brought me to the Westland Farmers Market


I will freely admit that I’m about to sound like a crazy fangirl right about now.  I had a chance to talk to the awesome (and yes, adorable) guys from O’Keefe O’ganics.  They are college boys who decided to start growing veggies.  It’s just three guys and a lot of hard work running their farm.  They do everything by hand!  I was telling them that they remind me of Hand Sown Farm.  I bought 3 quarts of pickling cukes, corn, cherry tomatoes ($10) and they gave me some green beans on the house.  Did I mention I have a farm crush?  Go check them out!  They sell at the Wayne and Westland Farmers Markets.  Local toddler also picked up a fig and oat vegan cookie from Macro Val. ($1.50)  Our total from the Westland Market was $11.50.

I also had to make a quick trip to Kroger this week.


Just had to pick up some pickling supplies that I didn’t have on hand.  I also grabbed some cheese for homemade pizzas.  I spent $38 but that included some mason jars, and a bunch of canning lids.

This makes our total for the week $66 if I don’t include the Kroger trip, $104 if I do.  Great week!  Put up 13 pints of dill pickles earlier this week and by the time this posts I should be elbows deep in bread and butter pickles and blueberry sauce using the blueberries in my freezer I bought at the Canton market a few weeks ago.

What did you find this week?  Do you do any preserving?

Food Haul 7.19.13

Food Haul Header

Happy Friday real foodies!

Buy anything interesting this week?

I know the weather across the country is hot.  Michigan is borderline unbearable right now.  We have actual temps in the 90’s with heat indices in the 100’s.  It’s been a sweaty week!  Local toddler craves the outdoors so we have been out every day.  Putting your feet in a very cold wading pool does make it much more tolerable!

This week in food was another slightly strange week.  I skipped my Door to Door Organics order, only because I had a full fridge and didn’t need anything.  We ended up being invited to family dinners a few nights and found ourselves with a full fridge! 

I did go to the Canton Farmers market on Sunday and picked up a few items.  No pictures because it was hot and I rushed everything to the fridge/freezer.  I bought a whole chicken from Garry at Pure Pastures, 5lbs of blueberries from Kapnicks, some beautiful purple “Dragon” carrots from Hand Sown Farm.  I also bought a tasty savory pastry that had tilapia, potato and red pepper.  I can’t find the business card anywhere but I think the business name was “Classique” or something around those lines.  Prices were $7, $25, $3 and $5 for a total of $40 at the market.  The blueberries are in my freezer waiting to be turned into sauce! 

I hit up Aldi this week in search of chicken and brown rice for my sick doggy.  I’m incapapble of only buying what is on my list.  I picked up some Bolthouse green juice and some red pepper hummus, my two favorite Aldi items.  I nearly fainted in the meat area when I saw that they now carry grass fed beef!  It was under $5 a pound!  I know nothing about the quality or location, but what an exciting find!   As you may know, I have $500 worth of beef in my freezer so I didn’t buy any but I would love to hear an opinion if anybody has tried it or knows more!  I know I spent $40 at Aldi but most of that was a ton of chicken and some brown rice and pumpkin for local German Shepherd.  She’s all better now!  The vet told me she had colitis and asked me about the stress in her life.  Really?  Dogs have stress?  I want her life!

I’m writing this late Thursday night and I just got back from a late night run to Kroger.  I needed almond milk for my morning iced coffee and local hubby requested cookies.  These two items managed to cost me $35.  Every time!  This is why I try not to go to the grocery store, I can never just buy one or two things.


After I took this photo I grabbed another almond milk and two more bags of cookies.  Newman O’s and alphabet cookies were on clearance!  I also grabbed vanilla extract, cinnamon, and diced tomatoes all on clearance in the organic section.  Those Blue Diamond coconut almonds are amazing.  A few too many ingredients to be considered real food, but so delish!

Now keep me away from the grocery store!

I had big plans to visit a few other markets this week but this heat is just too gnarly to be shopping in.  Or I’m a weenie.  Either way, I will get out to visit some more markets soon!

Where did you shop this week?  Try anything new?

Food Haul 7.6.13

Sorry this food haul is late, I still haven’t been to my computer to upload photos! This post is an experiment completely posting from my phone, so I apologize if the formatting is strange!!

Went to the Canton Farmers market last Sunday and ended up picking up quite a few things.

Three soaps from Cellar Door Soap and Skin, and some strawberry scented play dough from Love Bubs. Food items were some cheese curds from Boyers, eggs from Pure Pastures, and a cookie from Kapnick’s.
Local toddler has been figuring out money buys things, so we give him some money and his own bag and let him buy something at the market. He quickly learned he can get a cookie at Kapnick’s!
The soaps from Cellar Door are amazing. It was my first purchase and I’m converted! We love the Love Bubs products too. The play dough is great, and the scent adds another fun sensory element.
As far as food spending, the eggs were $4 and the cookie was $1.50. I think the cheese was under $3.

Lots of goodies from Door to Door Organics. I know I didn’t get a food haul up last week, but I wanted to talk about it. I pick up my order from the warehouse instead of delivery. I totally forgot to pick it up. Went the next day and the wonderful staff was super accommodating and even have me some fresher bananas even though it was completely my fault. That night I realized I was missing a few produce items. I emailed customer service and they quickly responded that they would add the missing items to my next order and additionally credit my account $10 for the inconvenience. That’s some great service recovery! I’ve been using Door to Door Organics for several years now, and I will continue to do so because they really are a great company.

My phone won’t cooperate to check how much I spent at Door to Door but I think it was around $30. Cheap week for us, with the holiday there was lots of eating at Bbq’s!

Food Haul 6.13.13

Food Haul Header

I can say with great certainty that when I do math at the end of this post, this will be the highest number ever.


We started off this week with a delivery from Garry at Pure Pastures late Thursday night.  Garry delivered a 1/4 grass-fed local cow.  The hang weight was 166lbs, for a total price of $512.94.  Yes, we spent over $500 on beef.  I feel confident that our beef eating rate, we should be stocked up for a year.  I can do a separate post all about buying a side of beef if there is an interest, and detail the cuts and amounts.

Sunday we went to  the Farmers Market (Canton Farmers Market on Sundays 9-1)


Got some spinach from Hand Sown Farm, some strawberries from Prochaska Farms, and some peach salsa from Pure Pastures.  (Garry gave us the salsa for free along with some eggs when I went in to pay for my side of beef)  We also bought three types of jerky from Captain John’s Smokehouse.

Total from the farmers market was around $23


Finally, we have the Door to Door Organics order this week.


Just a bitty box this week.  Lots of yummy fruit


   Garden Fresh artichoke garlic Salsa,  Ann Arbor Tortilla Factory chips,  Calder Dairy milk, Once Again almond butter and Zingerman’s magic brownie.  Yummy!

Total from Door to Door Organics this week was $44.

Grand total, just about $580.  Whew.  My credit card is a little sad.  My freezer is very happy 🙂

Food Haul 6.6.13

Food Haul Header

So much food!  Local hubby is working approximately 987 hours a week right now so food has been super important.  He works really hard at work so we need to keep him fueled.

We started off on Sunday at the Farmers Market (Canton Farmers Market on Sundays 9-1)


Got some Bok Choy and red leaf lettuce from Hand Sown Farm, some asparagus from Kapnick’s and some chicken from Pure Pastures.  Total was somewhere around $20, I’m not good at keeping track when I use cash.

Oh yea, last market I went to I picked up these fun things:


A new water bottle to try out for local toddler.  We currently use stainless steel which is great, except it heats up fast in the sun.  The amazing find was this all natural finger paint.  It’s made by Love Bubs and it is awesome!  Sure I could hop on Pinterest and make my own, but she saved me the time and mess so we could get right to playing.  It rocks!  I’ve had it for a few weeks and I just tossed it in the fridge this week.  Still fresh!  I think I paid $5 for the finger paint and $5 for the water bottle, but I can’t remember for sure.

Next up this week was a trip to Kroger.


We spent about $90 and got a cart full of a million protein bars.  Some random other goodies for local hubby: Gatorade, bread, chips etc.  Lots of yogurt, almond and coconut milk and some other random goodies.  A good mix of healthy and junk I think.

Finally, we have the Door to Door Organics order this week.


Just a bitty box this week.  Nothing too crazy, really excited to have some stone fruits coming into season.


Lots of delightful goodies here!  Graham’s Organics sausage, Garden Fresh Wild Mild Salsa, The Brinery sauerkraut, Ann Arbor Tortilla Factory lime chips, Creswick Farms eggs, Mitten Munch fudge brownie bars, Mama Mo red pepper hummus, Calder Dairy milk, and some Great Lakes Potato Chip Company BBQ chips.  So much delicious in one box!

Total from Door to Door Organics this week was $60.

Our total for the week was about $170, which is actually better than I thought.

Food Haul 5.9.13

Food Haul Header

So here’s what we bought at Casa de Real Food this week.

Went to Pure Pastures, bought a bunch of stuff and didn’t take a picture!  We bought Calder Dairy black cherry ice cream for the hubby, beef pasties, eggs, like 4 pounds of boneless chicken breast, and three pounds of grass-fed ground beef.  We spent $56, but $30 of that was covered by the Living Social coupon we bought a month or so ago.

Door to Door Organics this week was fairly normal.Except for the fact that I accidentally purchased too much hummus.  If there is such a thing as too much hummus.

Food Haul 5.9.13

Local toddler looked through every single item in the freebie bin at Door to Door Organics.  After great consideration, he selected a watermelon.


My belly is so happy to have strawberries on a regular basis right now.  Some sugar snap peas are buried in that pile too.  I love spring and summer!


Calder Dairy milk for local toddler, and eggs because I seriously can’t get enough eggs.  I’ve been eating them scrambled with some Garden Fresh salsa and some avocado.  Seriously amazing.  Some Mama Mo hummus and a Zingermans brownie for local hubby.  I’m trying the Larabar for the first time.  My friend Jennifer from Wine to Weightlifting is obsessed with Larabars, and this one was on sale so I’m giving it a try.

Food costs from Door to Door was $58 this week, so added to Pure Pastures we spent $114 for the week.

What did you buy this week?  Try anything new?  Discover anything local?  Farmers Market season is quickly approaching, once the Michigan grow season ramps up, we will lower our Door to Door Organics box down to a bitty size (we are currently getting a medium) and be shopping Farmers markets!  I do a lot of canning and preserving, so it should be interesting to watch our food hauls and costs over the summer.

Want to learn more about Door to Door Organics?

Want to learn more about Pure Pastures?

Food Haul 5.2.13

Food Haul 5.2.13

I bet you guys will never guess where my food came from this week!

Wait, did you guess Pure Pastures and Door to Door Organics?  Sly foxes!

First up, Pure Pastures:

Food Haul 5.2.13

Local eggs, a pint of Calder Dairy chocolate milk,and my dark chocolate almonds.

Two funny stories:

  1.   Local toddler marched right up to the almonds, grabbed them and took them to the counter.  Young grasshopper loves his momma.
  2.   Not so much funny as awesome.  My mom bought my groceries.  I repaid her by getting her sick.  I’m such a nice daughter.

Next up is Door to Door Organics:

Food Haul 5.2.13

If you follow me on Twitter, you saw this pic yesterday.  Local toddler is showing off the things he pilfered from Mike at the Door to Door Organics warehouse.  Door to Door Organics, if by some chance you read this blog, I love the warehouse employees!  Dynelle, Lenny and Mike rock.  Everybody who I meet is awesome, I just see those three the most.

Food Haul 5.2.13

Beets, carrots, celery, lettuce, kale, and the regulars.  Nothing too exciting planned.  I’m still recovering from being so sick so I’m not terribly adventurous right now.

Food Haul 5.2.13

Calder Dairy milk, strawberries, Zingermans brownie for hubby and some new to me items!  I’m excited to try the Garden Fresh salsa, Mitten Munch bars, and Mama Mo red pepper hummus.  So exciting to have new goodies to try!  Door to Door Organics has a ton of new stuff this week, I wanted one of everything!  I will eventually get around to talking about it all and updating my original post.  Total spent at Door to Door was $62.

What did you buy this week?  Any exciting dinner plans?  Let’s get inspired!

Slow Cooker Roasted Chicken

Slow Cooker Roasted Chicken

One of my Costco weaknesses is always the rotisserie chickens.  It’s $5 and makes at least two meals in our house.  I have no idea where the chickens they use come from, or if they are local.  I also can’t run to Costco every time I want to make a quick chicken dinner.  So, lets learn how to make a rotisserie style chicken in the slow cooker.

I get whole chickens from Pure Pastures and cook them in my big crock pot.  You can just lay a whole washed bird in the slow cooker with no liquid, set it for 8 hours on low and it will make falling-off-the-bone chicken.  But if you want something closer to a rotisserie style, I will let you in on the secret.

Foil balls.

That is the only difference!

Let’s get cooking!

  1. Wash and pat dry your chicken
  2. Coat your birdie with some olive oil, and then with a rub of your choice.  (I just use some Montreal Steak seasoning and some paprika.)
  3. Make some foil balls and lay them on the bottom of your slow cooker (for my big oval pot, I use about ten balls with a one inch diameter)
  4. Place your massaged birdie on top of the foil

Slow Cooker Roasted Chicken realfoodinarealworld.comCook for 6-8 hours on low

That’s it!  You don’t have to add any liquid or anything.  It won’t be crispy like a rotisserie, due to lack of big pretty flames, but it will be super tasty.


Especially tasty with latkes and a salad

Food Haul 4.4.13


The pantry, she is full.  We went to Costco this week, and I think I am safely stocked up on baking supplies and some things I will need for summer canning season. And the apocalypse

Let’s just jump right in to the Costco trip


I have been reading a lot about Chia seeds lately and I have requests to make some recipes.  I picked some up and I will start to experiment.  Twenty pounds of unbleached flour, ten pounds of organic sugar and five pounds of brown sugar should keep us in baked goods for a long time.


Red pepper hummus is pracitcally a food group in this house.  We got hotdogs for the freezer for grilling season.  The organic tortilla chips are awesome!  The potato chips are for hubby, for his work lunches. The turkey is a new experiment I will be reviewing.


Tiny trip to Pure Pastures this week.  Chicken Pasties and some Black Cherry ice cream from Calder Dairy for hubby.  He says it is amazing.

Of course, we have the Door to Door Organics boxes!

Food Haul 4.4.13

Grape tomatoes will make my kiddo happy, and blackberries make me happy!  I’m going to try out kale chips this week, I’m looking forward to another way to force kale into my body.  I think kale tastes like grass, so the more tasty ways the better!

Food Haul 4.4.13

Pretty usual suspects here, Calder Dairy milk and sour cream, Tofutti sour cream, La Michoacana tortillas, Avalon 313 bread, and some cream cheese and Michigan MOO co-jack cheese.

Want to learn more about Pure Pastures?

Want to learn more about Door to Door Organics?