Simple Crescent Roll Sandwiches

When I was pregnant I always assumed that I would just feed my son exactly what we had for meals.  I consider this about 70% true, but what about the other 30%?  The days we eat steak, or a big … Continue reading

Real Food for Real Toddlers


I’m no parenting expert, I’m not a doctor or nutritionist.  I’m just an average momma trying to give my kiddo a good start in life.  Our diet is far from perfect, but I like to think that we do pretty good and are fairly well rounded.  This is what I feed my son, feel free to take what you think is good and leave the rest behind. 

A lot of blogs do a “What I ate Wednesday” which I always find really interesting.  I suppose it is the voyeur in me, but that’s kind of why we read blogs, right?  A glimpse into the world of somebody else.  I thought I would focus on giving real food to toddlers since that is the stage we are at in our family.  I will say that not every day is perfect.  My son has eaten ice cream cones and McDonalds.  Some pizza nights and some Chinese food.  But, we aim for 80% real food in our house.  We try to buy 80% of our food whole and natural, and away from the big box grocery stores.  Some weeks it is 100% others it might be 50%.  I’m learning to not beat myself up over things and I know I would rather spend quality time with my son than five hours in the kitchen.  Give and take.  You win some you lose some.  Welcome to my self therapy!

Anywho, onto the food.  An average day around here looks a little something like this:

After his wake up, he drinks a cup of milk and noshes on some dry Cheerios (or whatever I have handy like granola)

We eat breakfast together, typically a bready carb, a protein, and some fruit.  Always subject to change but I try to throw some sort of protein in there.  We are huge green monster smoothie fans.  I make them several times a week.  This kid loves green drinks!


Some cheese toast, strawberries, grapes and a little bit of green juice


Sometime between breakfast and lunch I give him a small snack.  Basically something to keep him stable until lunch.  This particular day we were out bicycling and at the park, and I had one of these Clif Kids bars in his backpack.


Lunch is usually a pretty big meal right now.  He’s really active in the morning and afternoon.  This day was a banana and some strawberries with blueberry yogurt “dip-dip”.  He loves the Thomas Organic Creamery yogurt, and the blueberry is getting major high-fives right now.  He makes a huge mess, but I know his independent streak will serve him well later in life!  He also had half of a veggie burger with some ketchup “dip-dip.”


On a good day, nap time is shortly after lunch and the milk monster will wake up two hours later.  He has a cup of milk and that will usually hold him until dinner.  If he’s crabby I will usually give him some sort of carby snack like crackers.  He’s a super big fan of my Easy Cheesy crackers!

Dinner!  My husband and I have always believed that with few exceptions, our son should eat exactly what we eat.  Obviously when he was starting solids I did a lot of separate cooking (making things smaller/softer etc) but thankfully that stage doesn’t last very long.  I would say that since he was one year of age, he has been eating the same as us.

I try to keep our dinners well balanced, and I try to get lots of veggies into our dinners because local toddler and I aren’t all that great and getting them in during the day.  I try to remember, but fruit is just so convenient!  Dinner was chicken and spinach wraps, roasted broccoli and some carrot sticks.


So there is what my kiddo eats in a day.  He’s two years old, so I know I’m in trouble when he is a teenager!