Duct tape garden pest remover

I was lamenting to my parents the other day the sad state of my broccoli and cabbage plants because cabbage worms are eating them into looking like Swiss cheese.  I have been hand removing the worms from the plants but I realized I was forgetting about the eggs.  Trying to hand pick pinhead size eggs was driving me batty and I was throwing around all kinds of random ideas.  My dad suggested duct tape.

My dad is a genius!!!


I wrapped the duct tape around a few fingers in a loop and gently touched it to all the eggs.  Picks up the eggs perfectly without damaging the leaves!  I am so excited to find a completely organic, simple and (best of all) free solution to the problem! I don’t have any squash bugs (yet) but I imagine this would work great for those eggs too!

I don’t know how the plants will fare since it took me quite some time to realize what the problem was and how to fix it, but I love learning so much this year!  Having this garden is such an empowering learning experience for me.