Food Haul 6.6.13

Food Haul Header

So much food!  Local hubby is working approximately 987 hours a week right now so food has been super important.  He works really hard at work so we need to keep him fueled.

We started off on Sunday at the Farmers Market (Canton Farmers Market on Sundays 9-1)


Got some Bok Choy and red leaf lettuce from Hand Sown Farm, some asparagus from Kapnick’s and some chicken from Pure Pastures.  Total was somewhere around $20, I’m not good at keeping track when I use cash.

Oh yea, last market I went to I picked up these fun things:


A new water bottle to try out for local toddler.  We currently use stainless steel which is great, except it heats up fast in the sun.  The amazing find was this all natural finger paint.  It’s made by Love Bubs and it is awesome!  Sure I could hop on Pinterest and make my own, but she saved me the time and mess so we could get right to playing.  It rocks!  I’ve had it for a few weeks and I just tossed it in the fridge this week.  Still fresh!  I think I paid $5 for the finger paint and $5 for the water bottle, but I can’t remember for sure.

Next up this week was a trip to Kroger.


We spent about $90 and got a cart full of a million protein bars.  Some random other goodies for local hubby: Gatorade, bread, chips etc.  Lots of yogurt, almond and coconut milk and some other random goodies.  A good mix of healthy and junk I think.

Finally, we have the Door to Door Organics order this week.


Just a bitty box this week.  Nothing too crazy, really excited to have some stone fruits coming into season.


Lots of delightful goodies here!  Graham’s Organics sausage, Garden Fresh Wild Mild Salsa, The Brinery sauerkraut, Ann Arbor Tortilla Factory lime chips, Creswick Farms eggs, Mitten Munch fudge brownie bars, Mama Mo red pepper hummus, Calder Dairy milk, and some Great Lakes Potato Chip Company BBQ chips.  So much delicious in one box!

Total from Door to Door Organics this week was $60.

Our total for the week was about $170, which is actually better than I thought.

VegFest, Part Two

Find the first installment of VegFest reviews here

Still thinking about how fun VegFest was!  It was a great mix of people; from full Vegans, to Meatless Monday people like myself and everybody in between.  There were so many great vendors there, I don’t know that I can cover them all.  I do want to make sure I show off a few of my favorites.

First up is The Brinery.


The Brinery is an Ann Arbor company that creates all sorts of raw fermented foods (pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi etc).  One of their company missions is to use locally sourced produce for all of their products, their tagline is “Our mission is to stimulate peoples inner economy, as well as Michigans economy.”

 I’m showcasing them even though I’m not usually a huge fan of fermented foods.  However, anybody I know that tries their products falls in love instantly.  I made Local Jacky sample one of everything for research!  I tried the carrots, and I liked them!  Their products are carried at local markets, and a few are even carried by Door to Door Organics.

Simply Suzanne


I had actually tried Simply Suzanne granola previously, through Door to Door Organics.  Simply Suzanne is a granola and trail mix company based out of Detroit.  I really love a good granola to snack on.  I make my own most of the time, but it is good to have a good company out there when you want to buy some.  I really like all of the Simply Suzanne flavors, I’m especially partial to the two chocolate ones.  I have purchased the cherry for my mom as well.  Simply Suzanne products are carried by many grocery stores, I have even seen them at a local Kroger store.

The Spice & Tea Exchange of Birmingham



I can not wait to go visit The Spice and Tea Exchange!  I seriously sniffed and tasted everything at their table.  For the longest time I have lamented not having a local spice shop.  I do buy bulk spices at Zerbo’s in Livonia, but I am beyond excited to find an entire shop devoted to spices and tea!  I’m really into canning and I’ve been learning more and more about spices to experiment with.  They had a carrot cupcake tea that I must have smelled 847 times.  I’m still kicking myself for not buying it.  (I’m really cheap, if you dear readers haven’t figured that out by now.)

Birmingham Chocolate


I only have blurry pictures, probably because I was excited about chocolate!  I am definitely a chocolate girl.  Especially good dark chocolate.  Birmingham Chocolate was sampling a dark chocolate peanut cluster and it was really, really good.  The chocolate was dark and velvety.  I fully plan on visiting this shop soon.  I just saw on their website that they had frozen bananas, so I think I can browse around and keep local toddler entertained easily.

I’m going to make a special trip to Birmingham to visit Birmingham Chocolate and The Spice and Tea Exchange.  All in the name of research, dear readers!